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Why Cloud Backup is Necessary

Recently, there is a great deal of discussion in the media and on the web about the importance of the cloud and the convenience of cloud backup, but many people remain skeptical. Backups sound troublesome and the meaning “cloud” and “cloud backup” isn’t always clear.

What is “the Cloud”?

The basic concept referred to by the word “cloud” is actually a very simple one. It refers to a group of remote servers that can be accessed from the Internet or “cloud.” These servers are managed by a cloud storage service provider.

Today, all work is saved or backed up not only on local computers and servers, but also on secure, remote servers easily accessed via the Internet. This is a Cloud Backup.

The three primary benefits of Cloud Backup or storing data on the Internet are enormous.

  1. 1. The risk of loss is dramatically reduced by storing the data in a remote location.
  2. 2. Data stored on the Internet is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  3. 3. Automatic backups require little time and effort.

Cloud Backup is Easy!

The merits of switching to Cloud Backup – reduced risk of loss, accessible from anywhere, and automatic – are clear. However, the greatest attraction of Cloud Backup is its ease and convenience.

Cloud Backup eliminates the need for costly and tedious work that takes up the time and energy of valuable personnel. After a simple initial setup that saves important data, the process then happens automatically at regular intervals.

Data storage and management becomes much more convenient. With the evolution of modern technology, there is no reason to hesitate to implement this new time and cost saving step to secure important data. If you use the Cloud, troublesome server configurations are completed in only 20 seconds. Interested? Try it now
  • Secure Data Storage
    At just the click of a button, Backrite automatically backs up your device in 3 simple steps and protects all of your valuable data.
    Fast Recovery
    Backrite protects your digital life at top speed. Whether it’s Windows or Mac, we back up all of your data regardless of what you use.
    Your data security is our top priority.
    The data center owned and managed by Backrite employs a 24/7 manned surveillance system.
  • Technology

    Backrite backs up your entire system image at once, including all applications, files, user accounts, configuration settings and even the operating system. Normal file backup solutions require you to install the operating system and re-install all applications before you can restore your files.

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